I feel like I'm waiting for the time..
When everybody stands still, then they turn their heads and look me in the dead in the eyes. [Pause]
They tell me life's not what you think it is.
All my thought's aren't thoughts.
And there IS no such thing as reeeeal.
Life is creating, you have been creating yourself.
We have front row seats.
All of us have been watching you.... in your world.

They say to me? In. Your. World? [said with a little mad confusion]

Don't be too hasty now.
The glimmer of the light that shines in your eyes is everything in itself and more.
What you have created is infinite light.
In your eyes we can see the galaxy.

They say to me.... In. Your. Eyes? [confusion]

Don't you worry little girl.
Love is that glimmer we see when we look at you, you are love.
You hold the pathway to what is beyond this reality, inside of you.
Your love shines the brightest..

They say to me.... Your. Love?..

Don't you think twice about this.
Love is one.
One shimmering star behind those big bashful eyes of yours.
Your eyes remind us all that there is no such thing as real but only love.

Jesh <3

Still kinda rocky but still in the works. Opinions are very very welcome! Good or bad. Shanks. =]
I <3 Rock Mushik
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