Here's a song I finished this weekend. It evolved a lot through the process of recording it (ended up being 8 minutes long..). It has some great moments that I'm really happy with; I think it ended up being quite epic.
Also, this is the debut of my newly modded Epiphone les paul which is now a monster of a guitar. While I use PRS custom 22 for some the leads here, all the rhythm guitars as well as some of the harmonies have been played with the Epi. The whole song is in DADGAD tuning which I love and use a lot.


Give it a listen and leave a comment. I will gladly C4C!

Nice day!
This is stupidly cool. Your playing is tight, the riffs are sick, your use of syncopation is remarkably tasteful, and all of the instruments sit well together in the mix. I don't have any specific questions about your process, but I am very intrigued to learn about some pivotal moments in the process, so long as you don't mind divulging.

Most importantly to me, the track has an impressively varied but cohesive dynamic contour throughout; the louds are loud, the softs are soft, and these sensations are clearly perceivable. Definitely epic, but what's more is that the track doesn't feel like 8-minutes; it's not laborious, but instead a piece that's comprehensive, easily digestible, and had me shocked at what felt like a premature completion (lololol). There's enough song to keep me satisfied and wanting more, and that's a great merit for a song to have, and a testament to you as a musician.

Today I made my first album, an instrumental genre-hopping affair with prog tendencies throughout, available on Soundcloud. I'd love if you could have a listen and offer some of your thoughts to some of it (or the whole thing, if you're feeling extra generous. :p )



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thank you for deep, insightful and incredibly flattering feedback! It means truly a lot to me, especially as a writer (with relatively little experience).

Composing this song was a relatively spontaneous, a train of thought type of process. I only had the first riff thought out, but after recording it I really just came up with sequencing parts as I went. I always sat down, plugged in, and came up with the next part according to the kind of atmosphere that I felt the song required and recorded it at that very moment. All that was done very quickly. There is no intellectual composition going on at all, and this time around that was the fun of it for me. Also, this song is in DADGAD tuning, which gives it a certain character.

The only idea I had with the song (which developed a bit on the way) was to capture an atmosphere of a character entering to the halls of Chronos, the Greek god of time (yeah, quite "proggy"); it was based on a story my cousin had come up with. The concept is really a tongue-in-cheek, quite humorous story that will probably unfold and progress as we get on with the writing and especially with vocals.

I'm currently listening to your album and I will review it soon. All I can say right now is that I'm loving it

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I enjoyed this one a lot.

As said above, the playing is tighter than an eskimos nad sack, the riffs are sweet, the drums work well and the progression really didnt feel like 8 mins long! The atmospheric interlude section was really powerful with some very cool little touches.

As for crit - there was only 2 things; for some reason the kick drum felt a little out of place (the suond of it I mean); and the lead back in from the atmospheric section didnt feel so good to me. The slow fade in of the guitar part kinda made the atmospheric section lose its power to me. I would rather have had the atmosphere build up to a high point and then bring the guitar in at full volume. But then I have been obsessed with that sort of thing in my own work recently (with mixed results! ).

Anyway, small criticisms really. A nice piece overall.

I really like your guitar tone, but I think it's lacking some upper mids, maybe give it something more at around 1.8-3.5kHz. I prefer a more modern kick tone, but yours is really nice.

Who writes the drum lines? They're awesome.

Really liked the little phrygian? passages in the intro.

That part at 0:42 and that which followed really gave me chills, no joke. Awesome!

Wow, that break at 2:14, just awesome. Is that instrument at 3:11 a guitar? If it is you have to tell me how you got that tone.

The part at 4:25 is amazing, but I feel it didn't link very well with the following section. At 5:20, that would be the part I would place after that part.

That line at 5:12 sounds a little weird for me.

You really have a lot of stuff going on. I can hear power metal, black metal, hard rock, progressive metal a little bit of thrash metal all flowing nicely through one single song.
I agree with Rabid, it really didn't feel like a 8min song, there are 3min song that feel a lot longer than this one.

This song is my favorite from you to this moment, really awesome. Waiting to see how the vocals will go.

Keep up the awesome work man!

thank you for your critique. I will keep your advice on guitar tone in mind. In fact, as I have made more and more songs I have found myself dialing the guitar tone brighter and brighter. In my earliest recordings it was really overly dark...

Drums are written by me, often from scratch and sometimes modified from "stock" beats I find interesting.

3:11 is indeed guitar. One clean, quite bright electric guitar with phaser, reverb and delay panned almost middle. Also, I double tracked acoustic guitars on top of that. The part is picked quite hard to create that ethnic instrument feel.

Appreciate your critique. This song was indeed a "stream of thought" type process so some parts may sound a bit disjointed to other people. Good to hear critique so I can learn from that.
Thanks for the crit and advice on my track- much appreciated.

The guitar tone is great- really thick. I love the stuff around 0:25- really grabs your attention.

I feel like it lost a little something around 1:13 when it went back to the main riff- maybe just a volume level thing but this is a very minor gripe.

The guitar rang out a bit quickly at 2:24 but the next section is really nice and well timed in the context of the track. The drums around 5:40 are a bit much and slightly offputting.

Other than that it was a great listen. The points above are minor issues which I am raising to try to be helpful but overall it was awesome- nice work!

What are you recording on out of interest?
Thank you for objective critique.

I heard the guitar ringing you pointed out sometime after uploading the song. Gotta fix it someday.

I'm recording on Reaper with Reason 5 working in parallel for the synth sounds, if that's what you mean.

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