Hello fellas,

Recently I've purchased an electric Fender, and since then I can't play my acoustic guitar, it feels bad... it feels hard to play it, not as fun as it used to perhaps.
It feels bad when I bend, when I play runs.. it just feels off

Perhaps it has to go through a set-up maybe...

Anyway I've been considering selling it and getting an Epiphone Humming/Dove Pro instead, I looked some Youtube reviews and it sounds awesome and looks pretty much like the Gibson version. (looks!)

Is this a mistake ?

Electric is much easier on your hands. I'd be impressed to find someone who can bend a full step properly on an acoustic. It's probably just you comparing the ease of playing electric to the acoustic. Definitely do a setup first, then compare the Taylor to th Epiphone.
why not get your taylor set up by a luthier? lowering the action will probably make it much easier to play.
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Oh, this is an easy question. Just take up the 12 string acoustic. Then your 6 string acoustic will seem like a breeze to play.