everything still gleams
like it did when you were twenty

and it seems somehow crisper,
even the air in this basement
with its familiar mildew.

your father calls from where
he straddles a line

of one Carolina or the other - reams of roads
nestled in pines.

he asks you, with your eastern deciduous
lineage, your sycamore pods,

to check up on the house; empty now
except for the dehumidifier

that's worked so hard, the faces of realtors
laid along the counter,

and the broken cinderblocks
where you caught the little snakes
with gold collars.

no one's here
who can make you release them now.
i love love love the images and the word choices here. goddamn it's marvelous and really beautiful. my only gripe is that the first two stanzas seemed to be disjointed from the rest of the piece: i felt like they were something to reply to, but that never happened. upon revisiting, i get that you're setting up the setting, but it still seems odd in the time-line of events, since later you say that Dad asks you to check up on the house.

anyway, that's a pretty minute complaint. this is great. thanks for posting it!
i've always enjoyed reading your pieces because of your distinct style and the command you display over your images and ideas. every piece i've read from you has remained wholly original and has struck me as being a truly organic representation of you as an artist.

this piece was no different. i especially loved your thoughtful presentation of an empty childhood home, occupied by nothing else except the "dehumidifier" and years of memories. as you say, those memories make everything feel just as crisp and bright as they did years ago. i've long since moved out of my parents house, but this poem rang true of the feelings i sometimes experience when i come back home for a day or two and the house is empty. it's then when i can re-imagine my childhood and hang onto it for a few more minutes without having to let it go.
here, My Dear, here it is
i like the way you laid the rhyme out there, as if you knew it was perfect and all that was necessary.

kill all humans