So, i know there is a whole bunch written about exporting midi from gp files and using them with drum sequencers or whatever. But i have a reverse problem. I am really used to writing drums in my daw, and i have pretty much no idea how to write them up in gp. So, i want to export midi from the daw (i use reaper and EZdrummer2), and import it into a guitar pro drum track. I'd like to do this because our drummer only knows how to compose drums in gp, and this is the only way he can make corrections on the stuff i write. But i cant for the life of me figure it out. When i import the midi, it automaticly makes a new project in gp, and the midi is tied into a synth or guitar or whatever, and i cant copy the notes into a precussion track. It either straight up doesnt work, or it says the formats are imcompatible. So, how the hell can i make this happen?
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I've had this problem, and GP is very unforgiving. I'll assume you're using GP5 as I do (if not, ignore this) but the way I do it is to first make sure your drum track's notes are on channel 10 in Reaper (open the midi track, select all notes, right click a note, change to channel 10) then export the midi (File -> Export Midi) with whatever settings you like.

Then open GP5, click import -> midi, then select your midi file. Finally, click "add a track" and add a new drum track, then make sure the drum midi track is ticked, and click import selected tracks onto current track. That usually works for me, but eugh, importing is not very neat and will cause notes to be on different lines and it will basically look a mess. But that's how I do it anyway.
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GP is great on its own, but exporting and importing is in my experience never without trouble.

I'd really take my time and learn how to write drums directly in GP. It's very straight-forward. Takes a minute to write a basic drum part for a 4 minute song when you get the hang of it. Have your drummer show you.
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