Without even going into crazy effects land I realize I have already filled my pedal board, and I will in the future be getting more. My question is where in the this setup would I put the Feedback Booster and Freeze Pedal?

Line A:accoustic sim
Guitar - tuner - wah - whammy - eq { LinA/B }ABY - flanger - Harmonist - Loop
Line B: Od - Dist - Gate

I have the kerry king mxr eq pedal, which would explain why the line splits as such. The loop is also the last pedal I have in the line.
I was thinking of having the freeze after the harmonist, and wouldn't the Feedback booster be best before the Gate or after the ABY?
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Judging by its name, I'd put the feedback booster after the gate. The gate might interpret it as noise and try to cut it from the signal.
Not familiar with how the Feedback Booster works, but I assume you'd want it after the Harmonist. And put the Freeze after the Feedback Booster.

I have a Freeze, and I've found that it really works best as the absolute last thing in the chain. Because you want to be able to freeze what you're hearing, right?

Unless you want to change the FX of the Freeze, then you could put stuff after it to toggle on and off.
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