Hi guys,

My band and I have been playing a lot last year and it's looking like we're playing even more the coming months/year, so I'm going to upgrade from my old AKG system to a more reliable, sturdy wireless system. I've been reading a lot about all the possibilities, some people claiming Shure is the only way to go, some advising the Line 6 G50 or G90 or even the Stageclix jack, but what I'm really looking for, is some advise and user feedback.

So: What wireless system are you currently using, what do you like about it and what could be better? Price range isn't all that important, but I'm thinking €600 is about the highest I'm willing to spend on a better system.

P.S. My preference would go to a "jack-emitter", so I won't have that dreaded cable along my back.
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I'm using a G90 (same as the G50, but the receiver is rackable). Shure has a pretty good digital wireless these days, but I've had the G90 longer than the Shure has been available.

Forget "jack emitters" -- those are amateur only. Put the transmitter pack on your strap and the cable will go from the output jack to the strap.