When the Big 4 concerts took place in 2010, they ran a contest to win a dave mustaine big 4 vmnt, so I entered. I won, 3rd prize. which was awesome but it wasn't the dave mustaine V it was a snare used during one of the shows and signed by dave lombardo of slayer. I'm in college and in need money (who isn't) so i'm exploring trying to sell it. I have no idea how much I want for it, it's an awesome piece of memorabilia to have, not being a huge slayer fan but a big fan of dave from his work in slayer as well as testament (the gathering is amazing). there's not really any telling how much this could go for, it really depends on how much you care about slayer. It's a piece of thrash history, so I'd love to hang on to it, but if someone threw a tempting number out there, not getting my hopes up that I will, I might consider selling it to a huge slayer fan that will appreciate it more than I do because right now it's sitting in the original box in my basement. Any advice or comments would be appreciated!