Last week my Jackson JS22-7 arrived, my first 7 string!

Pics first..

Specs: Basswood
Matte black finish
26.5" scale length
Hipshot style bridge
1 piece bolt-on neck
Rosewood fretboard

Brought it partially as an experiment to try out 7 strings, but also because I've needed an upgrade from my Schecter Omen extreme for a long time, as the neck is too thick for me & I also wanted to move away from TOM bridges.

Despite the measly price of £170 new, It seems to be built to decent standards, with the neck nicely set in the pocket & a pretty much unblemished finish. The pickups are okay, but nothing special. I'm looking to replace them with a Pegasus/Sentient set.

I haven't given it a setup yet, so the the ability to stay in tune has yet to be revealed.

The difference in scale length is surprising, in stock strings (0.52s) it holds tension nicely in Bb, yet on my schecter, a 25.5" guitar, with a similar stringset it has the same tension in drop C. I've now tuned the 7 up to a form of open C, and the intonation & tension is perfect.
Despite the short amount of time I've played it, I find I'm already growing accustomed to the string spacing and the extra inch scale length. Big hands definitely help with this. Strangely, I feel more of a different in neck length when swapping between my LP style guitar & a 25.5" guitar

One odd thing, is some of the bridge screws seem to be a bit rusted. The tuning seems quite solid so I'm not bothered, and frankly if needs be I'll replace the bridge with a hipshot.

I'd definitely recommend this to others if they are looking for a cheap 7 string, especially as it's a really easy platform to mod from, and even cheaper than an Ibby RG7321!
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If I wasn't such an Ibby wh*re I'd say Jackson would be my go-to brand on 7s. Damn that's a sweet guitar, very understated.
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Nice to see some Jackson love, most people seem to go for Ibanez when it comes to superstrats. I'd go for a Jackson as well if I didn't have decided to mod/custom build mine.

Congratulations on your aquisition! HNGD
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From my experience with a few mates Ibanez' this guitar has pretty much the same neck thickness.

I have to agree, at first glances on websites etc. I wouldn't expect a guitar that good looking for the price, especially in black finish, but the matte is really well done

loving the Dimarzio strap that I ordered with this too....why had I not sorted myself out with these earlier!?

In response to questions about the roof..look at the end window in some pictures, I can climb up onto my not too high windowsil & out onto the roof (just avoiding standing on ridges).
Saw this on Seven String! Looks like a sweet guitar! How does it play? I've been thinking of getting a seven for a while now, would you say this is a better play than a 7321?
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Never played a 7321 personally, but i'd imagine it'd hold up to one well. One of the main differences i'd imagine you'd find is that the body of a 7321 is wider.

And yes, that I do. When I get round to filming a playthrough video, what better place to shoot it?
Alright, thanks Ambler, I guess I'll just have to see if the local GC has one next time I'm up there.
2014 Ibanez RG8
2013 Schecter Hellraiser
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2007 LTD 'Monster' F
B.C. Rich KK Warlock
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