Hi! I have what i hope is a simple question. I want to pick up the original rocksmith and was wondering if is still a good teacher tool seeing as they made a sequel "rocksmith 2014". If there are anyone out there saying don't get the first get the sequel or any one who says the first one is still a great tool for learning please don't be shy! This will help decide my purchase.

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The second is better but still not a substitute for actual teacher or even a good youtube video serie. But it is excellent support material to go with actual teaching.

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I have both Rocksmith games, I find that they are fun to play but not so great for teaching. Think I might just be stuck in my ways and prefer to use tabs, or Youtube to learn from. Some of the exercises are good on it though!

Of the two, I think the second is superior though.
i use the 2014 edition every day.I had the original but sold it since you can get most of the tracks exported over.I already knew how to play guitar when i bought the original so i cant really comment on how it would teach a absolute beginner but ive improved alot since playing it.For me it gave me the belief i could learn some advanced songs.Defo get the second over the first as it had a few problems with lag and some awful tone settings.
seriously, don't get this game thinking it will help you get better fast.
A friend of mine tried it and played with it for like 3-4 months, but he really wasn't where he would've been without it. I mean, it looks like some fun to play, but it really isn't a good learning tool. I sat with him for like half an hour and he learned more and he actually had more fun than he had in the past 3 months...I for myself have been playing for 10 years and I couldn't get tha hang of it, so much sh*t going on on the screen. Anyway, I say don't get it expecting anything from it.
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These are the facts:

They are not teachers. They are not tools for teaching you to play guitar.

They are great ways to gamify practice. They are good for backing practice with the session mode.

They will not make you a better player on their own... but they may encourage you to practice more.

The tracking is flawed once you get past a certain speed; if you look up track play throughs on youtube and you're looking carefully you can clearly see that the game isn't picking up exactly what the player is doing.

So make up your own mind but if you're going to get one, get the 2014 edition, by all reports it's just flat out better.
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Will rock smith help along with lessons like Justin's ??
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