I'm not sure if this is exactly the best place to post this, but it seemed like it would be the most suited to put it in recording since most people here would know about the features of a DAW. Preferably this would pertain to Cubase as that is what I have.

So I want to take multiple signals as recorded by microphones and then run them through an audio interface into my computer. In real time I want these songs to basically be recorded, though the recording isn't necessarily vital, and have these signals go through different channels in Cubase. In these channels we would then be able to put up certain noise limiters and various effects and equalization for the various microphones. Thus what comes out is sort of a more balanced sounding thing than what was just put in originally. I would like for this audio to be processed in real time if at all possible so that as we play it could come out of something.

This would help get a better feel for how the music should go if it were mixed well rather than the generally poor acoustics we sometimes have at practices.
I only have a two input (Tascam) USB audio interface, you probably need an interface with several inputs. Yamaha bought out Cubase/Steinberg, and Yamaha makes interfaces geared towards Cubase (though many companies make interfaces that would probably work fine). You can also try the Cubase forum (google it) or this forum:

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In order to get here you have skipped past the area where this advice is already available.

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