I wondered when playing fast shred stuff ( paul Gilbert , buckethead) should your left hand be behide the neck or over? What are the benifit cons?
Doesn't matter as long as you're comfortable. Personally, I put the thumb behind the neck until I'm playing at the 15th fret or higher, then I put my thumb over the neck.
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Up to you really. Thumb behind the neck is the classical position and gives you really good reach with your fingers and strength for barre chords and more expanded forms of power chords, but bending and vibrato are harder to do with wrist (with classical guitar bending and vibrato were rarely used) because you have no lever point and doing them with fingers only can cause some issues in long run, especially if you have tight strings.

Thumb over the neck on the other hand helps supporting the guitar when standing up and you get good leverage for bends and vibrato, but it severely limits your pinky reach. In classical guitar the thumb over the neck is considered incorrect and bad habit but amongst electric guitar players it is a constant source of arguments, just like anchoring.

As I said, its up to you. Many guitarist (including Buckethead if I recall correctly) switch between the two on fly depending on situation.

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Yeah, I kind of do both, too. If I'm chugging, it's more baseball bat. Especially if I'm playing power chord stuff above the E string, my thumb goes over top to mute that string. If I'm playing licks or single note runs, thumb is on the middle of the neck.
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Depends on exactly what you mean by "fast shred stuff". if it's the bluesier stuff, thumb around could still be useful so you can bend/vibrato easily. for the hardcore non-blues-based shred stuff, thumb behind might be easier.

basically what MaaZeus said.
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