I listened to you Simple Thing track and Dat Riff, the songs are good and they remind me abit of Ghost in a way.

If you wanted the guitars to sound abit wider, try double tracking - I couldn't tell from the tracks if they were double track but sounded like a single guitar - and pan one track hard left and the other hard right. Riff-wise and arrangement wise the songs were good and the drum parts were well written! Keep it up.

Could you check out my second track Voices over at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1657245? I'd appreciate your views.

Thanks, M
Hey Rauvounous liked what I heard there seems a bit of Dinosaur Junior and Syd Barret in your playing. Morphitis nice stuff reminds me of that dutch guy who is in Aeryon with a bit of old school shredder thrown in like Paul Gilbert.
Morphitis it really sounds like a modern twist of Racer X, really cool man! By the way I just uploaded a new track that you guys can check out. I didn't double track either of those since i wanted a 1 guitar and bass kinda sound but my heavier stuff sounds a little better production-wise