Hey folks...new to the site.
I'm looking for someone who does or knows someone that can put the name of my band in script on the fret board of my Tele. You know, like Elvis Costello has or like lots of country acts have. Any thoughts?
Call Custom Pearl Inlay. They're in Malone, NY.


David R. Nichols
(518) 483-7685
E-mail: cpinlay at aol dot com

This won't be cheap.

One comment, however:
Based on the number of bands *I've* been in, it's folly to put the band name on your guitar. That's a Never EVER DO THAT thing. Your name is bad enough (the resale on that guitar just disappeared).

And finally, one other option. There are several companies out there who make vinyl stick-on fake inlays that are remarkably good from any distance over, say, a foot, and they do a pretty good job of staying put. http://www.inlaysticker.com/ You'll have to contact them directly to see if you can get your name/band name output as stick-on fake inlays.