This question is too vague and simplistic to answer accurately - What's bad about the guitar? what's bad about the amp?

I mean, I bet a nice guitar into a marshall MG sounds better than a terrible guitar into a cranked marshall major, assuming the nice guitar is capable of playing in tune and the terrible guitar isn't (due to bad bridge placement or something like that which cannot be fixed with a setup). Playing in tune is more important than good tone, imo... but maybe someone will disagree
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
Agree with good amp, bad guitar. Assuming that both guitars mentioned are playable.
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like a starter Ibanez RG through a big tube amp would sound way better than a PRS custom through a 30 dollar beginner amp... If all your gear is usable but you want to upgrade the amp will get you the best sound
If those are your options and you don't have any other gear, I would pick a guitar that feels good in my hands and spend the rest of the money on an amp. But yeah, what is your budget?

Having a good enough guitar is important. Your guitar needs to feel good in your hands. It also needs to stay in tune and sound decent.

It also depends on what you want to do. But I would say a really good amp with a bad guitar is going to give you a lot better sound than a really good guitar through a bad amp. Some amps just sound like crap and no guitar can fix that. Also, guitar playing isn't all about the sound.

Usually the best option is a decent guitar through a decent amp (so if you have $1000 to spend, spend half of it to the guitar and half of it to the amp).
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good amp+bad guitar

Theres a lower limit on how bad the guitar is, but if you have a guitar that is playable and holds a tune, definitely go for the better amp. I've currently got a $100 guitar, and an amp which I got for $1200 used. (I did actually buy a ~$500 Les Paul before the expensive amp, but once I got the expensive one I realized I don't really like Les Pauls. Also the pickups were too weak, so I would have needed an OD pedal on the tube amp).

I don't recommend sticking with a $100 guitar because mine is weird and shouldn't sound as good as it does. But I think there is a faction on this site that believes in using Squires and tube amps, then possibly moding the Squire.
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If you play with less gain get a good guitar. I have no amp to play and only use a headphone multieffects processor/ 8 track studio. I can dial in so many tones with it who needs amps now it is the 21st century.
For clean, good pickups and a good compatible amplification system depending on your interests. The (solid, semihollow) electric guitar body/neck is just a fancy lump of wood whose tonal value bears no consistent relationship to price that I have discovered.

For clipping (OD, distortion, fuzz), amp, then pickups.