A couple of weeks back, gave up on sorting out my 6505+ 112 converted to a head. I liked it certainly, but it seems there is a lot to fix, despite already taking it to the tech a couple of times

Anyway, seeing as my birthday was coming up soon (this Friday!) my parents were kindly offering to source me a new amp.

Now, at first, I was thinking it'd be nice to start a rack rig - Specifically an ENGL 530 & power amp of some sort, and run my POD into the FX loop. However I was also keeping in mind my planned Uni setup, which consisted of PODHD500x -> EHX Magnum 44 watt power amp pedal -> 1x12 cab with V12 (the cab section of the 6505+ 112).
Given that this was likely to be a probable buy in the future, & I didn't feel it'd be right to ask too much money of my parents (and most heads/decent rack setups will run £500 at bare minimum) I decided to do some good research on them. I went down to a music store a week or two ago to test one out, to see what clean volumes I could get out of them.

I was blown away by it. It by 9 o'clock it got to gigging & rehearsal levels, though I sometimes needed to choose the louder set patches on the POD.
I decided on this as a way to finish my rig, and for £100 new, it's incredibly cheap, probably the same amount of cash i'd spend on fixing my amp.

It also gives me ultimate portability, for gigs where other people have cabs (most gigs) I can take guitars, and my POD bag, with the pedal in the front pocket of it, along with cables.
For gigs where nobody has a cab, it's easy enough to take my 1x12 cab on a bus or whatever public transport, but sadly I can't walk too far with the cab. It still all fits in one trip however, which is great.

With a little more time spent playing with it (needed an amp for a college performance yesterday, so had to crack it open early, to sort out my POD patches) I found it can be a little hummy when running at high volume levels, which could prove difficult when recording a cab, but if it really proves an issue, I could try reducing the volume of the amp & cranking the gain on the mic preamp.


Yeah, sure can do at some point in the future...should I remember

But anyway, yeah was, had it's flaws (tolex has started to come off at edges in some areas now ) But anyway, power tubes work intermittently, before I changed em, one of the old ones red plated, tried changing tubes, multiple looks at the top of the board by the tech. Just too much hassle for me. For the moment that is, till I get round to fixing it, it's gonna sit in the corner of my room and look pretty
I was gonna say why the hell are you using a 44 Magnum when you have a 60 watt 6L6 power amp available, but now I understand. Did you ever have a chance to try the E530 and see how it fared against the POD?
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Simple and effective setup, I like it. HNGD!
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If I gigged I would probably pick something like that up to have as an easily-portable insurance policy.
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