Hey guys... I'm thinking about buying this guitar.

but first... i need to do my homework on this!

If someone could answer the following questions i would be very grateful.

What model is this and how much should it cost?

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Whats the currency?

If ive done it right then for around the £450 mark then id say its very good price for a Jap strat.
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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Most mid-90's MIJ Strats with FR's go between $500-$700 depending on what's included with it. I'd be willing to bet that the pickups are aftermarket, but that shouldn't draw away from value. I'd say that guitar is worth a solid $700 if they're including a case. Most Reissues from the mid-2000's are even still going for that (ST57, Paisley Strats, etc).

Those MIJ C-shapes are a bit chunkier feeling than your average Strat, FYI.
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