The reason I am making this thread is to verify what my teacher is telling me and maybe to enhance my learning moving forward. I have a basic knowledge of theory and scales. A while back I told him I wanted to dig into lead guitar and work towards soloing and improvising. He told me that we should start working on using the pentatonic scale. He said that the best way to learn how to use this scale, is to study how it is used in other peoples songs. For the past few weeks I have learned the main parts to SRV- Eric Johnson, Starry Night and Ten Words- Joe Satriani . By playing these songs I have also improved my technique and it helped me realize that you don't need a ton of notes to sound good. But my question is this: So I learn all of these pentatonic licks, and Know the root notes on the 6th string. How do I take what I have learned, and start making my own riffs? I would love to be able to sit down one day and just "jam", or make music without copying someone else step by step. What are the next steps?
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you're on the right track.

There's nothing stopping you from messing around with the pentatonic scale and using what you've learned from those songs and turning it inside out and upside down to experimenting with your own ideas.

But from what you described your teacher has you on a good track.
+1 to what 20Tigers said.
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