(I dunno how much this model has been discussed, so here goes.)

For my next guitar, I want something a bit different to what I've got. I've got an LP-type, a couple of S-types, an SG-type and a Warlock. All are fixed bridge with a few different pickups in them. My list of wants is now left at a Flying V, a PRS and a T-style, and I'd like to try a Floyd Rose this time.

Since I'm waiting on stocks of the new Chapman ML-3 to be brought to Australia (which I hear is going to be from November some time), I'm now thinking about the guitar I mentioned in the title; a BC Rich JRV 7. It ticks all the boxes I'm looking for;

- 25.5" scale, (since I only want to leave it in B Standard for playing things like Epica and different melo-death stuff, may get an EVH D-Tuna some time if need be; I have a modded Schecter Omen 7 with the 26.5" scale for deeper drop tuning),
- 7 strings and a Flying V (obviously)
- Grover Mini Rotomatics (so hopefully never changing tuners!)
- 24 frets (I don't use the high frets much, but I need the full 2 octave fretboard for my sanity where possible) and,
- Floyd Rose 1000 Series (according the BC Rich site. The Thomann page and an Aussie site say Original Series Floyd?)

B.D.S.M. pickups aren't a big deal to me, I can change them if need be. The inline headstock and neck-through construction is a bonus.

I can get the thing in Trans Purple from Thomann for around AU$800 plus shipping.

Now, I currently own a BCR Warlock Metal Web, which I do quite like besides a minor preference for satin necks over gloss, but I've seen people talk about the quality of the low-end BCR's being less than desirable. Does anyone have any experience with this guitar? Also, as a trem novice, I can never remember which Floyd Rose is which on the spectrum of FR quality, how do the 1000 series stack up in the range?

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I don't have much faith in BC Rich guitars. All the ones I've ever played (including some of the midrange models) were junk. And because very, very few guitar stores have them, it's very difficult for most people to say what the quality of the later BC Rich's is really like. People say they've improved significantly since the pieces of junk made in the naughties. But I can't come to a verdict on that one.
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Well, I can't think of many other choices that fit all of your wants. 7 String V's with a Floyd aren't overly common. ESP, Jackson, and Schecter don't have any. . . . If you were in the states I'd say to look at Agile but evidently the import taxes are high abroad.

That B.C. Rich is the highest quality 7-string V they make so it should be pretty decent at least.
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I like my BC Rich Bass
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The Floyd should be good. It is not a licensed Chinese tinfloyd.

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Righto, might take the plunge on one when I get my next decent pay. Cheers, guys!
Please post here when you get it!

I'm interested in getting one, but my next seven string is more and more unlikely just cause I don't use floyds!
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