Hey man!

I'm not well-versed in producing hip-hop, but I'll offer what I can. For starters, I feel that the bass line, which has a great groove and harmonic contour, is far too sub-heavy to effectively articulate its harmonic content. The sound is quite boxy, so I'd recommend filtering around the 200-400Hz mark - at your discretion - and perhaps introducing a slight mid-hump around the 1.5kHz mark for clarity.
Is the sub added in with an additional plug-in? If not (which is the impression I'm getting), remove all frequencies below 100Hz, and then add an additional plug-in to introduce sub-bass. If so, bypass it and compare with other plug-ins with similar purposes.

That's about all the criticism I have, but I also understand that a woofy sub is characteristic of the genre, so take my advice with a pinch of salt. On the positive, I very much enjoyed the groove throughout, which was enhanced by your subtle variation in dropping the drums momentarily and interjecting a pair of staccato bass tones mid-way. The auto-panning synthesizer patch was especially cool, and I enjoyed the increased frequency of panning by the end of its first appearance.

Is there anything in particular you were looking for feedback on?

I've just made my first album available on Soundcloud, which can be found at the link attached below. I'd very much appreciate any time you can spare to listen and offer feedback.


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I'll have a listen first thing tomorrow morning.

Please don't feel obliged to listen to the entire album. I think the sixth track, Complementary Imperfections, is the one which would be most up your alley. Of course, any plays are much appreciated!