I'm having a problem using my ux2 usb interface. My laptop only has 1 usb port (3.0). I have to use connect other usb hardware as well so I want to use an usb hub. Ive tried a few from my local electronics shop but they're all not working.. I get this really iffy distorted sound from my ux2. It seems I need quite a specific usb hub to do this. Is there anyone here that has experience with this who can name an actual usb hub with which this will work?
I have a UX1 and I believe I read that they need to be connected directly to a usb port, rather than a hub.

Number 7 of this reply states that your UX2 should not be connected to a hub: http://uk.line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/13202

Also if you scroll down here to where it says USB: , it mentions hubs are not supported.
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The distortion is probably due to underpowering, because the power of that one usb port on your laptop is distributed across however many ports on the hub. You can get powered hubs which would solve that problem but it's still less than ideal because you'll get all sorts of crosstalk noise from the other devices that share the USB port.

Basically, it's not happening.
I know it's in the description but I've heard other people made it happen. I'm just not sure which usb hubs they used. And about the power, it's a usb 3 port which is a lot more powerful then the usb 2 power it needs. so I don't think that would be a really big problem.

So if there's anybody who did do something like this can you tell me what kind of usb hub?
Yes, an externally powered usb hub (one that plugs into the wall) should fix the distortion problem. That said you're still going to be susceptible to noise problems from anything using the other ports on the hubs and there's nothing you can do about that.