Nice track guys, I liked the intro with the harmonics and how you built the arpeggiated idea in around :28. The two guitar parts were well written and I really liked how they intertwined and complimented each other rather than playing the same part.

The solo around 3:00 had good note choice and was melodic, serving your song rather than a solo just for solo's sake. Although it did seem a little loud, but that's a minor crit.

The overall production was good, the acoustic had great clarity. Only thing I would suggest is introducing some more drums as the song develops but it sounded great with the cymbals that you already had.

I'd appreciate if you could check out my new track Voices over at this link https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1657245, look forward to hearing what you think

Thanks, M

The first thing that catches my attention is the loose timing of the pulsating hi-hat. A little looseness is good for presenting human qualities, but there instances in which it slips a little too out of time and becomes distracting; particularly the ''up'' of beat 3.
This is about my only concern, however. As Morphitis, the unique, interweaving guitar parts make for sophisticated presentation. The character of the piece's harmonic progressions and sonority are beautifully bittersweet, and beckons a Tides of Man-esque vibe. If you're not familiar with them, I'd recommend offering a listen to any of their albums.

Thematic developments were concise and effective throughout. You established and developed a uniform mood which offered immersion, which is a tricky feat to accomplish. The harmonized guitar at 4:00 is a nice touch, and the introduction of a slide melody shortly afterward is a thoroughly enjoyable variation upon the established thematic material.
I do think that the main guitar solo is a little too present in the mix. It currently sits well atop everything else, and I think that it would be nice to bring it down by increments of 2dB until it sits just above the accompanying guitars. Not quite sitting amongst the accompaniment, but not towering over, either.

I also have to remark about the Rhodes-esque guitar tone you achieved shortly after the 1-minute mark - it's sublime! I was at first convinced that you had used some sort of Rhodes emulator, but I imagine that you rolled your guitar tone down to achieve that sweet singing tone. Would you share your secret with me?

All-in-all, it's a lovely piece; you've scored a Thumbs Up from me.

I've recently completed an instrumental album which is now available in its entirety in Soundcloud playlist. I'd very much appreciate any time you can spare to listen and offer feedback, even if to a song or two of your choosing. Here's the thread that will direct you to the playlist:



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I really appreciate your long and specific answers, definately usable for sure!
And sure I'll check your track out as well

And to you juckfush, there is no actual secret! I believe we used a Gibson Les Paul Special (all original), combined with Pro Tools SE with the built-in reverb and compression.
The main theme reminds me of eminem's stan?! its really nice tho you guys spent some time on the sections and it really shows, only thing I could say to improve is that some bits sound muddy a bit of eq tweaking should help tho.