I have had this issue for some time but recently it has really begun to bother me a great deal. When I record using my DAW I get a very noticeable high pitched and static filled hum but it only happens when I am monitoring the track in the record mode. As soon as I engage the record button I hear this high pitched hum. The odd thing is that it doesn't show up in the tracks I record when they are played back (I hope that makes sense). It is only there when monitoring the live recording (or pausing in record mode). As soon as I disengage the record button it goes away and the hum never appears on the playback of any track. I have lived with this for some time and attempted to alleviate it by switching interfaces from my old Lexicon interface to a newer Tascam but the problem did not change in any way. It's weird and frustrating. It’s not a software issue because it happens whether I am using Sonor, Music Creator 6, Sony Sound Forge, Audacity or any other recording software. I also note that if I am listening with headphones plugged directly into the interface, I don’t hear it happening but it is coming through my monitors (KRK Rockit 5 and Behringer Truth B3031A both getting a signal directly from the interface via a switch box). If it was there all the time in both record and playback mode or printing to the track being recorded, it would make some sense but it’s only when listening to the signal with record engaged. Help!!
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.