This is a song by my band I wrote the lyrics for

I shall not fade,
The memory will still remain,
Life you cant trade,
Run through the mighty flame,
Noone is there,
This life was never fair,
Feeling so scared,
My time is coming,
Im waiting,for You;

Does life have a price,
Where can I buy it?
Noone is nice,
I'm trapped in this pit,
One wish I have,
With thousands you'd like to brag,
You'll never see,
Whats left of me,
No never you'll see;

Why should I die?
You taught me to laugh and cry,
I had to lie,
To myself for thrusting You,
And why shoud I fade?
There I lie in the shade,
Life never trade,
I see death i coming,
And waiting,for me.