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Hi, here is my new video on youtube, i play my own acoustic guitar solo, what do you think about that?
Subscribe me please i wanna do better quality videos in future, sorry for my english i live in slovakia, 14 years old.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T11KrgdJOZw

Nice classical sound. Continue to play, it sounds good.
It is obvious that you've got a very good sense for melodies!
Get yourself some simple recording equipment and experiment with adding tracks together; you will create great stuff, no doubt! Even if it doesn't say much, when I was 14, I was nowhere near as good as you! Keep it up - the world needs good music!
Nice picking I know people who have played longer and have less control than you!
This sounds really good, it sounds pretty easy but you nailed it in terms of delivery with your timing and tone. You clearly understand how an acoustic guitar works and I'd love to hear some full songs from you. I would call that more of a medley than a solo though!

The melody sounds cool. With a bit more happening on the bass strings this could go from being cool to really something special
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