I'm looking for a mid to high gain OD pedal, and have been leaning towards buying the JHC Sweet Tea, the only problem is its over $300.

What would you recommend either for a similar sounding pedal under $300, or something that would work well for Indie-ish Rock (Moving Mountains, The Album Leaf, The Appleseed Cast).

I'm using a knock off Yamaha Strat, with I don't know what pickups , into a Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue!
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first off, a timmy aint gonna get that sweet tea tone. not by a long shot.

second, there are certainly more cost effective options. JHS and brands like keeley are certainly quality, but they command a premium. you can do the same or very similar for less than 300. i mean, even 175-250 would get you the same. under 200 would probably do it very adequately in the boutique market.

for a hot rodded british tone, i personally would have my eye on the 175 price target plus or minus about 25.


theres a ton around 300 or under

CMAT mods has a good dual signa
xotic ac plus
xotic dual BB or the BB plus
tortuga effects fire ant is awesome
ramble FX marvel drive is a great marshall in a box
catalinbread has great amp in a box pedals, dirty little secret is marshall voiced
walrus effects


the pearl or the punch drive with custom options

homebrew effects
z vex effects
blackeye effects
t rex has some good ones
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Wow, the Pearl's really cool! ^^
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far as i'm aware (http://www.freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=18079&hilit=angry+charlie#p195531) the angry charlie is a crunchbox, and the 808 is a lightly-modded tubescreamer.

so I guess, if you're ok with separate pedals, you could pick up a crunchbox-style pedal (there are numerous cheaper clones from the likes of mooer, joyo etc., even the real thing should be well under $300) and a tubescreamer clone (too many clones to mention... again, plenty of cheaper ones from joyo, mooer etc. and glorified tubescreamers like the bad monkey etc.) for far less than $300.
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