I am considering getting pick up covers on my Gibson SG Special (2013), mostly because I love the looks of them. Will they drastically change my tone though? And does it make a difference if I take chrome or nickel covers?

Also do I need to solder them (I'd knew a guy who'd do that for me but I am not sure if I'd need to ask him)?
Don't need to solder them on. I'm not entirely sure if you need a bigger pickguard, though. Any SG experts around here that can shine some light on that? The ones I see with pickup covers look bigger.
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Electrically conductive pickup covers are tone killers, I've pulled them off several of my pickups. Since nickel is ferromagnetic, I would expect it to have more effect than chrome, but I've never tested the difference. Both will cut the highs. However, it might not matter much if you don't play squeaky clean as I do.