Hey, everybody!

Yesterday I submitted a 15000 word thesis and 50 minute album as fulfillment of my Masters of Research. The research addressed a revised Schoenberigan twelve-tone system that I had designed which would allow for a composer to explore novel compositional strategies while still retaining their musical identity. In a general sense, I constructed a pitch matrix which could be permuted to artificially construct chords and scale subsets, each with unique levels of consonance and dissonance. The whole album was written with one central matrix.

Attached is a link to a Soundcloud playlist which cycles through all nine of the album's tracks. Multiple genre styles are explored throughout, so I hope that there's something for everybody.


Individual tracks are available through my Soundcloud profile. All were mixed and mastered by my good friend David Rapicano.

I'm grateful for all plays, opinions and critiques that you may have regarding the work. With that said, I will happily listen to and critique anybody else's work - just provide a link and I'll get to it!

Thank you,

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"ET": funny title. At my wife's high school reunion, a guy showed up wearing a dress (that raised some eyebrows)! Sounds rather different. Kind of like Primus. Playing is tight. Around 2:50 is an interesting change. Glad the bass stands out, often independent of the guitar. That was entertaining. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

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Hey Alex,

I gave the whole album a good listen. I got to say it's incredibly good, interesting and diverse. Your playing and songwriting is very inventive and, apparently, very well thought out. The whole approach is very interesting and unique. I have never heard about a compositional strategy like that.

Even without such a special approach to songwriting, this is an album that I would've found very interesting anyways. I absolutely love the style (and variety of styles). Overall great jazzy, proggy feel incorporated with other elements. Reminds me of Guthrie Govan's work, but with totally different vibe. Instrumentation and mixing is perfect. I'm not gonna review individual tracks separately, but stand out moments for me were the second song Assistant to the Janitor and the 6th song Complimentary imperfections. I definitely would like to download this album if it's possible at some point.

Thank you again for your feedback on my track. I wrote a few lines about the writing process of the song if you're interested.

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listening to ET - defo taken the prog influences to another level here

I can still here Dream Theaters more quirky influences in here

the mix is top draw and everything is well mixed and clear in the mix

can imagine Jordan Ruddess is about to come in at any moment and throw an odd curve-ball to the melodies
aaron - Thank you for your kind words and likening to Primus. I'm honoured!

Akkeli - Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to the entire album. It's good to know which tracks were your favourite, too. I'm getting a band together both for live shows and for putting together promotional performance videos, so this will help with deciding which song to start out with. I'll be putting the album up for download/sale just as soon as the first stages of promotion are done. I'm glad to know that you enjoyed it that much!

InnerDream - Thank you for your feedback; I may just have to incorporate more keyboards in the next album.
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Hi Alex

Thanks for your feed back on my track.

I've had a listen to ET and quite of a few others on your album. It's all awesome and very interesting to listen to musically. As Akkeli said earlier it is reminiscent of Guthrie Govan and the Aristocrats.

Chronic Rudeness was my favourite of your tracks, I really enjoyed the main melody to the guitar and the effects you applied. In fact, the use of effects and mixing was stellar throughout, it sounded as if I could be watching you live.

All compositions and arrangements are great. The addition of synths or keys would be interesting to develop the arrangements further.

I'd be interested to watch you do a guitar playthrough of a couple of your tracks!

Keep it up

Thanks, M