I found this guitar in a music store the other day for $120. Do y'all know anything about these "Freedom" guitars? The guitar sounded really decent compared to a squier bullet and an MIM strat. It was better than the bullet and a little worse than the MIM. Probably the same as an Affinity but with a 1 3/4 inch body instead of 1 1/2 like a lot of other cheap guitars.

What are your thoughts. this would be my first electric. I have not found any reviews of freedom guitars, so I don't know. From what I felt and heard when I played it, it was a decent guitar. The only thing was that the switch was a little stiff. but other than that, it played and sounded better than all of the Squiers that I tried.
If you liked the playability and it sounded good, there's really no reason not to go for it. You may end up getting something better later, but for now, it would be good.
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You can get some good quality deals for entry guitars by buying off brands. Sounds like you're on the fence because of the brand. If that's the case, what about a Yamaha Pacifica? They are generally thought of as very good instruments at a similar price range - $180 online new.

Or maybe a new or even used Peavey Predator. GC has some used for $120.
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Thanks for your replies. The thing that intrigued me about it is that the website says it's made of alder and from the way it sounded compared to the MIM, i'm inclined to believe it.

As far a Yamaha pacifica goes, I would definitely consider that as an alternative to the freedom. I would want to get the 112J model though because I believe the 012 is made of Agathis. But really its the pickups that make the biggest difference, right? But if it sounds better than the freedom the next time I try it, then I'll consider the Yamaha.
Freedom instruments are about as mass produced and generic as they come - and some of them are quite excellent. Think Ashton, Onyx, Magnum etc. Freedom produce electrics, acoustics, basses, banjos, cellos, ukuleles, amps, effects pedals, strings, leads, plectrums, percussion .. everything .. and sell bulk wholesale to places like Cash Converters and Walmart.

Double check it can be intonated properly - ie, it is in tune playing at different positions on the neck. This is a problem for some of these. If it sounds good to you then go for it. Alder is not a particularly expensive timber and not all alder is created equal either. So just understand that it is not exactly a bargain per se. You are buying a cheap guitar and that's perfectly ok.
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Thank you so much for the information. Basically i am a studying guitar playing and i am a beginner. this site is really helpful for me.
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