I'm playing my 25-year old Encore C103 classical guitar in public on a regular basis, and could really benefit from being able to plug it in. (external mic's are not a good solution for my application)
My ideal would be to trade it in for a brand new steel string guitar but the cheapest guitar I like the sound of has an rrp of around £550 - (best price for the one I'd like is £360) that's just not in the budget therefore it's out of the question.

The old nylon string has a very cheap passive SBT transducer and endpin plug. - but it doesn't work properly, it's very quiet and the sound cuts out intermittently - ergo it's just useless.

Looking at steel string guitars I always find I HATE the sound of the Piezo "Quack" - and in particular have a true hatred of the sound of the Fishman Piezo that is almost ubiquitous in most guitars in my price-range.

I did find I liked the sound of the LAG guitars, and noticed that their Studio Plus preamps gave the best sound I've heard from a plugged in guitar at affordable prices... but I just cant afford a new guitar.

As I liked the sound of the Shadow NFX pickup (subject to shaping) I'm considering installing a Shadow NFX EP-C or Shadow M-Sonic CVT in place of the current SBT. I can get these for £70 - £80, and am competent to do a DIY install.

Does anyone have any thought's I should consider or alternative suggestions? - The stated money is very nearly the top of my budget range, and is about 40% off the RRP of the units stated.
I don't like piezo quack either, which is why I use magnetics on steels strings, but it can help to brighten the attack on warm-toned nylon styles - make them more guitarra flamenca-like if you will. The K&K SBTs have a big following, and that is what I would try in your situation, but you also need a decent preamp. The Red Eye is supposed to be good with K&Ks, but the Baggs Paracoustic DI is still very popular. Or see what K&K suggest.
What if you got a piezo pickup and then bought some sort of preamp/EQ to shape the tone better?
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