First-and-foremost, this was an interesting recording to listen to. You certainly captured the intended Celtic folk aesthetic (the break at 5:11 is delightfully authentic and presents a wonderful dynamic shift), but that opening sequence that resembled a more musical ASMR really was a unique and pleasant addition to a track of the style. I'd suggest that it resembles a prologue, but your Youtube description mentions that this is the third track. Does narration occur elsewhere on the album?

I have to comment on your tasteful use of harsh vocals for a dynamic terrace. I'm a big fan of polarizing and pivoting vocal styles for dynamic effect, and this was executed marvelously; short and sweet, and at a central point in the track.

The only criticism I can put forth is that I'm a little concerned about the kick drum's prominence in the mix, as it seems to sit amongst the vocals throughout. Of course, this is all stylistic choice, but I wonder if it might be worth reducing the kick's output by 6dB? You have a tight, punchy kick sound with a good combination of weight and click, so I'd suggest you needn't worry about it cutting through the mix after reducing its volume a bit. Just food for thought!

All-in-all, you've got a well constructed, well produced track on your hands. I'll have to check out the others once I finish work today.

I've just released my first album on Soundcloud, which hops genres but maintains a prog aesthetic throughout, and would love if you could have a listen to some of it and offer some feedback. The UG thread linking to the playlist is just below:


Intro sounds good, makes me wonder if the chanting is software or ?. Female vocals are well done. Male vocals are a bit heavy for my taste. Audio quality is good, though I wonder if you put too much overall compression on the mix. If it were me I'd make it a bit shorter. Overall very good. Please review my music at this link:

This seemed like a very well constructed piece. The intro was pretty epic sounding, although as a matter of taste it went a little too epic for me.

The mix is pretty good and clear. I would agree with the stuff said above about the kick - it could maybe come down a touch. At around 4:10 the line "The all knowing one" the vocal seems to clip out and distort a little. I guess that probably couldnt be fixed without re-recording the line.

I liked the harsh male vocal - it was really well done and nicely mixed in. And the flute worked well at the end - it didnt feel like an afterthought that had to be shoe-horned in.

Good work.

My stuff if you fancy a listen link

cheers for the replies folks - glad you all liked the mix and generally the song

I had a dilemma with the kick - it was actually reduced somewhat already but I really wanted it to "kick" high in the mix to drive the main riffs

the chanting was downloaded from a royalty free music site which lets you use pre recorded vocals in your projects with no copyright infringement
Thanks for the feedback on my track.

Your song was very well thought out and I liked the chants during the intro.

As Juckfush said earlier there was a cool Celtic feel to parts of your track and the guitar melodies around 2:15 reminded me of Gary Moore.

I liked the contrast between the female vocals and the male growls. The contrast was well done and reminded me of Epica. The female vocals were well done and mixed nicely.

The kick drum was punchy and helped drive the track along with the guitar riffs. It could be knocked down a db or two volume wise and still be prominent enough in the mix to drive the track but that's not really major.

I liked the change around 5:11, it had a baroque suite feel to it.

Good track, I'll check out some more of your stuff.