Was wondering if any has this speaker and if so what did they think of it? I'm thinking of putting it in my fender 110 SS amp cuz its over 20 years old and could probably use an upgrade. I mainly play blues and some classic rock. Huge John Mayer and SRV fan as well. Anyways, I'm just playing though a MIM strat w/Tex Mex pickups. Any info and comments are welcomed. Thanks
someone had one (i think) but i forget who

i think (could be wrong) it's sort of based on a PA speaker? I could be way off (never tried it) but maybe something a bit more vintage-sounding might be a better plan?

best bet is just to email eminence, they've always been pretty helpful when i emailed them.
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I had one of those in my Vox Valvetronix AD30VT (I had to sell the amp when I moved).
One of my guitars is also an MIM strat, but with Texas Specials.
IMO it works great for Blues an classic rock tune.

Eminence has a page for each of their speakers listing its specs and other info.

I was happy with that speaker.
For the AD30VT, it was a good upgrade over the stock speaker.

If I buy again.
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