I have a ZOOM MultiStomp MS-50G pedal, a Behringer GMA106, and an Eko 700 Gold Sparkle. I'm try to get a Synyster Gates tone, it'd be much appreciated if someone could help me achieve the sound
Okay, without going into the "you need new gear" tirade, which you absolutely do need new gear as you will likely never actually get anywhere close to an A7X sound with your current setup. I'd say on your amp do gain around 7, with overdrive treble and bass around 5 and the mids around 4, the Zoom turn it to the T-Screamer setting and set the volume to max, tone about midway and drive to 0. If that doesn't work then on the Zoom use the DZ drive or the Alien amp models and go into the Behringer on as clean a channel as possible.

But in reality, Synyster gates has $2000 custom tube amplifiers and boatloads of pedals and a guitar with one of the most high output pickup pairings known to man. You really do need new gear. For that sound I'd recommend a 6505+ 112 combo to start out with on an amp, and get a guitar more geared toward metal. Schecter mainly, maybe Ibanez or ESP.

I realize you're more than likely a beginner and I hate to break your spirit dude, but your setup is not great, however totally typical of a starter. Just keep at it, figure out your style, and do research into what gear will give you the tone you want.
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Just an update, I ended up getting a new amp which would be the VOX VT20+ so if you could help me with this amp I'd be very appreciative
That amp is a step in the complete opposite direction for Synyster Gates tone, although a fairly nice amp. You'd really want a 6505+ or 5150 combo. Maybe even a Valveking to start getting that kind of tone.

That guitar is not geared for high-gain music, so you'd probably need to swap the pickups to some Duncan Invaders like he has in his signature guitar.
Vox VT20 isnt bad. Try the US Higain or US Metal settings. Play around with the EQ and see where you get.
could you get a vypyr instead (older one) or the vypyr tube ($300 used) and they sound great.

he VIP's are supposed to be good too, but i haven't tried one.
I got something decent out of my ToneLab EX, I can check my settings and let you know if you want.
Idk if this is a great suggestion or not, but i thought at one point Syn was using a bogner uberschall. Maybe you could try downloading Lepou's (free) uberschall vst amp sim and a uberkab or mesa oversize impulse response and load them into a recording program, like Reaper. And then, use a power amp of some sort if available. The uberschall sim sounds pretty good. This suggestion may be a little beyond somebody who is just getting into new gear, or it may not even be the amp he used. Worth a shot though.
You can cheat not having active pickups by putting a compressor right after the guitar, dial at mid setting.
I'd say put compressor, overdrive and then a high gain amp Sim on the Vox amp you have, Mesa, Marshall or Engl should do at fairly high gain setting and a 4x12 cab simulation.

If you don't have comp and od on the amp, dial it in from your pedal, but make sure you disable the pedal's amp sims.

Don't throw away your gear yet although UG forum member said so
Looked up the amp, there's a "Raining blood" doing preset, try that first and tweak from there.
My guess would be one of these will get you there, probably the boutique metal
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I think a7x was all about Marshalls in the studio (jcm 800s?) up until the recent albums where they use the SYN custom amps. Zacj uses a JCA 100 live iirc. My old DSL could handle them just fine, but I used a boost to thicken it up a tad.
You never know what these albums are recorded with. Some producers bring in their rigs and guitars and the artists use these in the studio, or supplement gear so you never know for sure. Then the rest of the audio chain, mixing tricks and mastering tricks on top of that, can't translate that to just an amp.

I know I've seen videos on the studio where they talk about the 800's, probably Self titled and earlier. Back during the Warped Tour Dates you see videos with them and Mesas

They boas the new Hellwin on the latest albums, saying htey used that amp for everything. El 34 based though.
Quote by Katsock

They boas the new Hellwin on the latest albums, saying htey used that amp for everything. El 34 based though.

Probably contractual, most likely they used jcm800s on the down low
I'd argue that a JCA 100 would be a quick and cheap route to the A7X tone. Doesn't one of the guys use that amp anyway?