I bought a Charvel Desolation DX-1 ST Soloist a couple days ago from Sweetwater and it was put through their 55 point inspection (the details of what they do is on their website) I have never used locking tuners but this guitar came with them and they are Charvel locking tuners. After playing the guitar the last 2 days and with the tuners locked of course, the guitar does not stay in tune very well - after just a few minutes of playing, some of the strings go out of tune. From what I have read online, locking tuners should keep the guitar in tune well. I know the main perk to them is not having to wrap the strings around the posts which is a good thing. Does anyone know if guitars with the factory installed locking tuners (Charvel in this case) have this problems staying in tune? I looked up Sperzel, Grover & Schaller locking tuners and they get good reviews on most sites. I would appreciate any help and if you or someone you know has the model of guitar I have, please let me know your thoughts. If it doesn't stay in tune, I'm guessing I will have to get one of the name brands and will probably go with Sperzels. Since Sweetwater has the techs do this 55 point inspection, I would think that they put the strings on right and set up the locking tuners correctly. Thanks for your help!

Stretch your strings really good, then put some lube(Big Bends Nut Sauce or the like) on the nut and even the bridge saddles. If your guitar doesn't stay in tune after that, your tuners aren't holding and if it were me, I'd check into getting a replacement rather than buying new tuners for a new guitar. You shouldn't have to do that for a new guitar of decent quality.