What could be the cause of this? I don't hear it through the amp, just from the guitar but it's still annoying.
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Your title answers your question somewhat - "Playing too hard". This will cause fret buzz.

You could try raising the bridge on the bass side a little (as far as i know, your guitars have tune-o-matic style bridge with height adjustments at either side rather than adjustments for individual strings?) - It is normal for the action to be noticeably higher for the thicker strings as they vibrate over a wider area - even more so if you pluck the strings very hard.
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If you don't want to change the way you play, get heavier strings - if you play on 10s, 10-52 is the obvious choice - and make sure the guitar is set up appropriately for that. The heavier strings are tighter and you'll have a better time playing heavily.
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If you learn to vary the intensity of your picking, you'll suddenly find you can coax a much greater range of sounds out of your guitar, much like a pianist can manage by varying the way they hit the keys.

Fact is, most guitars are actually much more versatile than their owners.
People are way too fussed over a bit of buzz. Unless you are in the studio you shouldn't be to worried over a bit of buzz and even if you are it is not the end of the world. A bit of fret buzz when you pick hard is to be expected unless you want to play with horrid action.
If it just started out of the blue then you may need to adjust your neck relief as it will change.
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Started after I got my guitar back from a set up, though when I play with a less aggressive attack, it doesn't do it. I'm guessing the guy set the playability to HIS liking. I'm an aggressive player. I don't use a lot of gain and I tend to rely on my attack for my tone. 10's are just fine for me and it works fine for what I do even with the 46 being a bit smaller than most people like.
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Sounds like it might have been good to talk with the tech about your playing style, picks, type of music etc.. A guitar tech is going to try and get the strings as low as you can get with out buzz coming through the amp. A little audible buzz while you play not plugged in is ok but if you have your amp on and on the clean channel it shouldn't be audible through the amp.
It doesn't come through on the amp, but it's still something I can hear being that the guitar is so close. Before I had pickups installed, it had no buzz with reasonably low action. I like my action a little higher, because I like a little fight with my strings when it comes to fretting. Don't ask me why, I don't know.
Ibanez Art100 (DiMarzio Evo in bridge)
Epiphone Goldtop (SD Black Winters
6505+ Head
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