Hey everybody
I'm finally getting the chance to build a pedalboard with all the effects I've wanted for awhile now. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations on a signal path.

Here's what I've got so far for the order:

IN ->
Sansamp Bass Driver DI
Joyo Voodoo Octave (Fuzz w/octave option)
Boss MT-2 (Distortion)
DOD Bass Compressor
Lyon Chorus
Bass Whammy
105Q Wah
SourceAudio Orbital Modulator
S.A. Hot Hand Wah
DOD Digital Delay
-> AMP

One of the big reasons I'm asking is that the Sansamp is the source of by base tone, but the DI aspect makes it great for plugging into the soundboard or hooking it up to the PC to record.. So how much will it change things to put it at the end so I can DI all my effects. I've kept it at the front so far so that my core tone is running through everything. Not sure where to place it.

I'm also not sure where to put the more dynamic effects like the Wah and Whammy as well as both of the SourceAudio pedals.

Apart from that any suggestions and advice is welcome.

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