Been looking at les paul style guitars for some time now. Just came across a local Craigslist add for a barely touched al-2000 with bag. Asking price.....$150. This just seems unreal. I know there has been discussion about how the al-3000 and up are good guitars. What about the al-2000? Even if it's cheap, there is no point in even looking at something that is crap by nature. But, if the basic guitar is solid, it might be worth a shot. I am comfortable changing out electronics and stuff like that. Thoughts?
Solid guitar. Great modding platform. The higher series 3010, 3100,3200 are amazing for the price point. I've owned one 2000, it was good for the price.
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I've got an AL-2000 Floyd. If everything works and the neck is straight, a very good guitar.

[Edit] I've got three Agiles, all with Floyds. One is a custom build, the other is a standard AL 3100 and the last is an AL 2000 Floyd that was a B stock. It was a B stock due to some finish issues (it's a black guitar, so no one notices them). Since it was so cheap, I had the frets superglued and had the guitar run through the PLEK process. I'd originally figured that I'd have to replace the pickups, but the stock pickups remain and are doing very well and I like them. The action is seriously low and the cheap Floyd works very well and it's become one of my two bar guitars.

The guitar is heavy, the neck has NOT moved around at all and I really can't find anything to complain about. I wouldn't hesitate to take it anywhere and play it; it's a good instrument!
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I'm a huge fan of my AL2000 Goldtop, excellent guitar. I'd say, go check it out. If it feels good and everything is functional you'll be getting a good player. I'm not a Les Paul guy so I'm quite content leaving it stock. The stock pups are quite good for being stock pups on a $250 guitar
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