Hey, guys. So, after about a year-long break, I've come back to playing guitar. My biggest struggle so far is that my picking hand feels pretty weak when playing any sort of run. I was wondering what to do about this. I don't use much of the pick, but even at slow speeds around 60 BPM 1/4 notes, I feel like I have to push through the string way harder than I think I should be. I use 10s, but that's because I have an 8-string that was lying around when I started up again, and the only sets I can find are 10-74. At one point before I quit, I had bought a 6-string set of 9s and bought the normal .064 and .074 strings separately from a website called Strings and Beyond. That helped a little, but I don't want to constantly pay $15 for strings being shipped to my house.

What I use for picks are 1.14 mm Dunlop Tortexs. I would use Jazz IIIs again, as that is what I was using when I quit, but I've now noticed that I like the sound of these more. What's not fun about these is the extra power they need to play notes clearly, especially on the wound strings.

Any help here? When I try to play with my wrist, it honestly feels completely wrong because it's so difficult, and I remember that tension and using your arm is a no-no.
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While I haven't felt exactly what you're dealing with, there have been a few times that I've felt like my picking hand was unable to alt. pick and play the notes the same way it did before. My advice would be to just keep playing, you'll build back up to your old level before you know it. Try holding the pick differently, too, that might help you out, maybe hold it closer to the "picking" part of it. Anyhow, best of luck to you and I hope you figure things out.
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