I have a Fender Mustang II V.2 and an LTD EC-401FM, both of which I bought new last year. A couple months ago the sound from my amp started cutting out completely, then I'd turn it off and back on and it would be OK again. Then, day by day, the sound would get lower and lower, really thin and weak and generally more garbage-sounding. Naturally I replaced the cable but that didn't help. When I finally took it in, some settings made no sound at all with everything set to 10. A few days later the guy called and said it worked just fine. I took it home and of course it didn't so they sent it off for a replacement which finally arrived today. The new one does the same thing, but what sound there is is much louder and fuller, while still sounding like garbage, nothing like it used to. I've never had problems with the power before and nothing's changed in the house, and using other outlets doesn't help. I can have them look at my guitar on Monday but I really don't think that'd be it. It sounds like a power problem but I have no idea why. Anyone have any ideas?
It could be a number of things. Unless it's a known common fault with the amp (it may well be, i'm not familiar with it) i'd have thought it's unlikely that the same thing is going wrong again with another example, and to me that's suggest it's more likely that something else is wrong elsewhere in your chain (either your guitar or pedals/cables). But I could well be wrong, and the other regulars know a lot more about electronics than I do, so hopefully they can help more than I can.

EDIT: sorry to hear you're having problems

If you have spare cables etc. and another guitar (or a friend who has a guitar you can borrow to test), the thing to do is to try to eliminate as many variables as possible to see if that cures the fault. Though admittedly if it's an intermittent-ish fault that complicates things a bit...
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I should have mentioned that I have no pedals, and the amp did indeed work perfectly at the shop with my cable and their guitar. I don't believe I had two bad cables and two bad amps, but I don't believe the power in my house went bad either. I just don't know what to make of it.
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but I don't believe the power in my house went bad either. I just don't know what to make of it.

Actually, that's a possibility. We had issues like that at a friend's house during a heat wave. Turns out that the voltage dropped to below 87 (we need 110). We found that out when MY setup just kept working (I run the keyboard through a big car-battery UPS) and everyone else's lost volume. I have a Carvin AC power distributor (rack mount) that tells you what the voltage is at any given moment (I keep an eye on it if we're on the back of a flatbed somewhere, running off a generator), and it was showing some nasty numbers <G>.