Well hello there UG,

So, I recently finished my first real EP. I recorded and performed all the instruments myself, and would love for you to listen to it/judge it harshly. The styles range from death metal, to jazz, to funk, rock, ect. The lyric topics range from pigs, to sex offending whales, to The Beatles, to more pigs.

If I've caught your attention, feel free to download it for free on Bandcamp. I put time and care into the recording and mixing, so if you don't care for the music but would like to talk gear/recording...I'm listening. ;D

*Post your music/thread and I will also do my best to give you some of my own feedback*

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Well not all my cup of tea but I did like Child Molester whale. Sounds like you had fun recording it.
Hello there. I enjoyed listening to this quite a lot.

Pointless Intro Track;
Does what it says on the tin - a good start - no false hopes! I like it.

The Coffee Shop Massacre;
The heavy start sounds good. Sadly cant understand the lyrics very well. You should see if you can print them on the Bandcamp page so people like me can enjoy the full comedy experience. The quiet, more melodic section sounded almost serious and emotional, until the juxtaposition of the vocal came in and smoothed it back out again.

Child Molester Whale;
Hahahhahhha! Sweet! The funky guitar is wicked and the chorus is awesome - the vocal has a slightly monotone character that seemed to convey a vague despondence regarding t kiddie fiddling whale.

Pug Destroyer;
A very Gorguts style sound - no bad thing! The riffs are heavy and well played, but again I cant really make out the lyrics so it would be good to have em on the page.

I can Write a Beatles Song;
Haha! Yes you can! Beats any of the originals in my opinion. Doubt ringo could have kept up with that drumming.

Again, very good riffing. The breakdown section with the clean vocals sounds good.

Overall - really well done! You got the basics of comedy music right - the music is as well (if not better) written and performed than some of the serious stuff from that genre. As for the mix - it sounds really pro. Everything is clean and clear (except the vocals but thats how it's supposed to be).

Anyhow, I have a less well written and produced EP here and also an old attempt at comedy metal here the comedy track never really connected with the masses (I chose to assume this means it was ahead of its time ) so perhaps men who make comedy music will appreciate it more (or confirm it really does suck).

Thanks for the laughs!!
Thanks a lot for the feedback, guys! I appreciate it greatly. I didn't mention it before, but for anyone who leaves feedback I'll gladly give your stuff a listen and let you know what I think.

All of the lyrics are posted on the Bandcamp page. Right next to the song names, there's a clickable 'lyric' button. (Be warned: Screaming unintelligibly gives me a lot of lyrical freedom to write complete and utter stupidity. =P)

You're completely spot on with Pug Destroyer; I was inspired after listening to 'Colored Sands' for the first time. Such a great album, by the way!

I listened to "Slobbering Beast". I have to say, brilliant use of vocals for not having any lyrics whatsoever. Reminds me of before I actually screamed on my metal songs, and would just sample random horror movie screams. Music is good too! I know what you mean by comedy music not being able to connect with people. I don't get it sometimes. Metal is a genre with so many cliches, yet people still get turned off if you're not super serious when screaming about br00tal stuff.

I also listened to your black metal EP, I'll leave that feedback on your thread.