Hello All,

I am currently in the process of customizing a POS warlock into a work of art. It is Swamp Thing themed, and I am just about done with clear coating the body.

My question is:
What is the best techniques for staining a maple fret board with color? I thought maybe getting some dye to mix up, and maybe a little wood stain. I am aiming for a subtle, but dark, ascent of forest green to the maple finish.

I plan to potentially use metal paint on the guitar knobs, replace the pearl fret inlays and depending if I can learn how to anodize metal, do the frets as well. Does anyone have any ideas for this? OR if this is a bad idea? Thanks!

Picture here:

keep in mind this was the beginning stage. it is now finished and being coated
Oooh, decoupage! That and macrame were huge in the crafts biz back in the late '60's and early '70's.

If you have a cleared maple fretboard, you're going to have to remove the clear finish. After that, dyes and woodstain products should be fine.

You're probably better off to look for already-colored knobs (they're out there) unless you're not going to use the guitar much (hang it on the wall?). But you can powder coat them... http://www.eastwood.com/powder-gun-promo-kit.html?fee=5&fep=26371&srccode=ga220010&gclid=CP699t21lsECFUdcfgodJKMAYg

It's possible to pull the frets and colorize them with a fairly simple setup, but the first time you do a bend on them, you'll have begun to scrape off the coating.