Hey, guys and gals! I really appreciate all your feedback, you really helped me improve a lot.

I know I've been away for quite some time, but I've finally put up the "finished" version of the song up:

Last Act (Soundcloud)

I changed a few things here and there, recorded the vocals and completely redid the production, mixing everything from scratch and mastering for my first time (don't be afraid to be harsh because it's my first time, I can take it). Lyrics are in track info, I'd also appreciate if you could give me some feedback on it .

I'm thinking of taking all the 4 songs I've written this year and put a free EP online. Do you think it'd be a good idea?

Any feedback is appreciated and I'll gladly C4C anyone.

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If kids are entering the equation, I still find time to record originals (with a daughter: now 14 years old); but maybe your future is something entirely different. Anyway, I like the guitar riffs, and the playing is tight. Drums & bass are rather good also. Nice tune! I like it! Please review my music at this link:

very good playing, nice riffs and killer sound. I like the eastern sounding feel of some of the riffs. I also liked the melodies and the dual guitar work a lot. Most importantly there was a nice groove going on throughout the song. Drums and bass sound fine. I really liked the song.

I certainly hope you'll be able continue making music one way or another. It would be such a shame if you couldn't...

Check out our latest work, I would appreciate it

Thanks for the feedback on my track.

Nice track and main riff. I like how the two guitar parts play different grooves, particularly around 1:15 the arrangement is well done with the two riff parts and the high pitched melody.

The kick patterns are well written, around 2:40 the pattern is very Chris Adler esque. The overall mix is good, the only thing I noticed was that the cymbals (crashes and chinas mainly) seemed quite chimey but they still sounded fine.

Great song and keep them coming!!
Really cool riffs and nice harmonies!
To me, the drums sound a bit muffled. Would like a bit more "bite", especially to the snare.
But the song is very good - would be excellent to hear with vocals!

No way you are quitting music, man. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
The guitar is awesome, I really like your composition! The complexity level for the riffs is just right.

Personally, I think the tone could be tighter, but that's just me.

Awesome work! Keep it up mate!
New version with a little bit better mix uploaded, please check it out and don't be afraid to be harsh. I'll even let you say the song is a piece of s*** as long as you tell me why

@aaron aardvark:
Kids wouldn't be a problem for me at all (my parents killing me for making kids would be another story ).

It's Pantera dude, if that band taught me something is that groove > insane blast beats.
Thanks, I hope it too.

I know about the cymbals, it was actually intentional, but if more people find it weird or annoying I may do something about it.

Indeed the drums were lacking some life, I used some parallel distortion and I hope it fixed the problem.

Producing never was my thing, I got a thousand times better since my first mix but I'm still not very happy with my skills. I'd really appreciate if you or someone else would pinpoint problems in this mix.

I know the mix is not quite right but what would be your definition of a tighter tone? Do you think it lacks something in some area? Is it muddier than it should?

Thank you all for your opinions I really appreciate it.

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Ladies and gentleman, here's my latest work!

This may be my last creation as my life is likely to completely change next year and I can't see space for music in this new life, so I aimed for something more original and I hope I got it right

I'm still working on the lyrics so there are no vocals yet.

Last Act (Soundcloud)

Any feedback is appreciated and I'll gladly C4C anyone.

On the whole sounds good.
1. I think here's too much high frequency on guitar, try to turn down them a little.
2. Did you used double track?
3. Cymbals. I think they should be more readable. Try to see it on your EQ
I 'm that it will sounds really hot with hard amp sound.
There's enough melodic things going on to create something catchy that might give it broader appeal outside of metal.
Would be interested in hearing the finished product
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Hello there.

There are some nice ideas and movements in this one. It would be good to hear the end result with vocals too.

As for the crit - the lead bits of the main riff sound a little lifeless and dont have the impact. The bits where you are palm muting the lead runs sound perfect but the open bits lack some aggression. I dont have a solution to that problem (or really know if that is a problem) but its the best I got

The cymbals are a little washy too.

Overall it's nice work. I really hope this isnt the last act from you - it would be shame not to gt any more tracks like this.

Nice song and great playing. I was initially going to comment that the guitar tone is a little thin- are the guitars double tracked? Either way after a while it didn't seem an issue any more and I enjoyed it. I'd turn the bass up a little to give it more low end but that's personal preference. Overall a tasty platter of riffs.

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I really like the drop really gets you hyped! I really enjoy the vocals, though I do think the guitars kind of overpower them. There's a lot going on in the song and it can be quite jarring at first, though it kind of grows on me. I wish I could hear the snare a bit more as well, though that might just be a personal thing, hah. The piano bit is pretty cool, but the piano could be a bit softer and maybe have a bit more variance in velocity. All in all I really like this track, sounds great and with a bit of tweaking, I think it could be a masterpiece.

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Hey guys! thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.

I took a few of your suggestions and also changed some stuff I though could be better and just came up with a better mix. Please, check it out!

I'm always glad to C4C.

First of all, the mix is pretty solid. Drums could be a bit louder, the bass sound is killer, the guitars could maybe occupy more headroom, and the vocals sit really well in the mix. 7.5/10

Second of all, while I'm not entirely familiar with this genre of music, I can say that you have great feel when it comes to song structure. Grooves are killer, good tension management, an overall enjoyable song. 8.2/10

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