Ok....First, thousands of people, myself included, have taught themselves to play. And when I started playing, back in '75, there was not a fraction of the resources available for self teaching that are available now.

The song you illustrate is pretty simple. Not "as simple as it gets"... That would be various one-chord numbers.
But pretty simple. And he's doing nothing but downstrokes with the right hand.

So.... You need a guitar. Don't get the cheapest thing you can find. Buy a decent entry-level instrument. Yamaha makes some very nice ones, often considered the standard for beginner's guitars.
Consider spending the extra money to have the guitar set up properly....By a technician. It will make your initial experience easier.
Prepare for some finger pain. Even with a good setup. Your left-hand fingers will hurt. Practice a little, till you start to get some pain, then put it down.
Keep doing this..... your fingertips will callous and you'll be OK.

Go to JustinGuitar:
Generally acknowledged as the single best beginner's resource on the web. There are lots more.
How hard is it? The age old question. Well I started 10 months ago and to be completely honest with you, I think it's very hard - much harder than I anticipated. You don't just pick one up and start playing. It takes tons of practice and it will be hard on your fingers at first. The tips of your fretting hand will get calloused and numb. Mine still get sore after a long playing/practice session but you get used it. I think the level of difficulty also depends on the individual and their God given talent, coordination and dexterity. Some people can play pretty well after a few months.

I am learning by myself and the good thing is that in this day and age, there are plenty of on-line instructions and many that are free. That is a big help to have a visual instructor. Check them all out and find out which ones work best for you. I like guitarjamz, justinguitar, guitarmade-ez, TGAfreelessons, mahalo and there are many more. Most of them are great, not sure about the guy in your vid though. The song you like is a pretty basic, easy song with just 4 basic chords, although the chord changes are rather quick. If you're gonna learn the guitar you'll want to learn more than 1 song and you have to start out playing easier songs. Sometimes the songs I really like and want to learn are beyond my ability but that gives me something to shoot for. Still there are thousands of good easy songs to learn. Let me clarify that when a player or instructor classifies a song as "easy"; that means it's a simple song for an experienced player. For a beginner, hardly any songs are easy.

I encourage you to go for it! Although it can be difficult and frustratring at times, it is a lot of fun. Nothing worth doing in life is ever easy and playing an instrument is a skill that impresses many people. Although I'm not very good yet, my friends and family seem very impressed when I play for them. I know probably about 20 songs that I can play at least well enough for people to recognize. LOL It's a long process that I wish I had started when I was younger(I'm 43). It's gonna take lots of practice though. Make sure you have an hour or so of free time on your hand each day.

Now the next question...which guitar to buy?
+1 on justinguitar
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I have just recently started teaching myself guitar, and can agree that Justin Guitar is great, as well as Marty Schwartz (GuitarJamz), Mahalo and others. The amount of great free tutorials on YouTube is fantastic.
learning the chords required to play the songs is great but do yourself a favor and work diligently on the beginner exercises that justinguitar and marty Schwartz offer also. those exercises will be much appreciated in another 6 months believe me !
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
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...[ ]....The song you illustrate is pretty simple. Not "as simple as it gets"... That would be various one-chord numbers.
But pretty simple. And he's doing nothing but downstrokes with the right hand....[ ]....
Strangely, or perhaps ironically, that song uses the same chords, in the same order, as Loreena McKennitt's, "The Bonny Swans". Of course there's a bit of finger picking, and a capo on the 2nd fret, but still.
We used to sit down and figure out just how many songs could be played with that progression.... There's a lot.
I think the hardest part about that song will be switching between chords at that speed. That is one of the hardest things a beginner guitarist faces and those changes are pretty quick. As well as using JustinGuitar like everyone else already mentioned, check this tutorial out on how to change chords quickly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN7wWN4SAI4&index=3&list=PL1NLL4hFt-QcV_2F0PmxlvLp6H8HC8MDW

If you do decide to do it, I will tell you you have to be patient. It is going to take time. The more time you dedicate to learning, the faster you will progress.
I did it so I don't see why you shouldn't.

The first couple of months are awful because your fingers won't do what you are trying to make them do. But suddenly - and it's magical when it happens - they do it without any problem at all. It's like learning any new thing (swimming, driving, whatever . . . ) - you just need to practise.
This is the easiest way to play guitar along with singing.

It's easy to learn. I think you just need a couple of months to understand chord and exercise you hand to strumming. And all remain is your feeling and passion, this is very important.

You've never picked up a guitar. Just get one of best acoustic guitar for beginners
As someone who started learning 18 months ago I would say it would be worth taking lessons, not necessarily one-to-one - I do an evening class.

Sure, there are plenty of online resources, although YouTube can tell you how to play, it cannot tell where you are going wrong.
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1st time i ever picked up a Guitar in my life was 2 1/2 Years ago at 46 years old. I was told its all in your heart whether you stick with it. It takes tons of practice. I learned via Youtube and Guitar Jamz was key for me. Every one learns different and everyone connects different to teachers. Find a youtube "teacher" you like,Buy a descent 200.00 yamaha guitar and practice practice practice. One mistake newbies making is tryin to run before they can walk.Everyone wants to play a song before they can play a chord. Practice chords daily,use a metronome online for free an practice practice practice,The songs will come.
Teaching yourself guitar is pretty manageable but I would recommend lessons. I'm a self taught guitarist, and my brother took a few years of lessons. He sounds significantly better than I do, as well as he knows a lot more about guitar than me. I'm now having to go and take lessons after 3 years of playing just because I want to know all that he does. So, even though it's a bit of a pain just do the lessons, it's worth it.