Hi all,

Here is a heavy rock type of song that I made together with an old friend of mind this weekend. Written, recorded and mixed from Friday to Saturday.

What do you think? Anything you would change with regards to production?
Any feedback much appreciated!

Guitar is a 7-string Schecter Jeff Loomis signature, through a Peavey 5150. For softer parts/cleans I have used Amplitube 3.

Savour the Taste
This song is very well composed and produced. I would add a multiband compressor at around 6kHz on the vocals to remove a little bit of the Ss.

Lyrics could be a little bit more musical in some verses, other than that they're really well written.

Lead guitar tone in the solo should differentiate more from the rhythm guitar tone, they're getting in each others way when the lead guitar plays lower notes.

Everything else sounds nice for me.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for feedback and kind words!

Agree that some of the high frequencies are a bit too prominent and also that the lower section of the guitar solo sinks into the mix a bit too much. In fact, I am not to happy about the tone of the guitar solo where I used Amplitube. If I get around to it, I might plug into my 5150 and re-track it.

Thanks again - will check out your work.
Thanks for the feedback on my track.

Your song is very well composed and there is a good progression in the arrangement as the song moves on. The solo around 2:50 was well written with good note choices, although to help it stand out more id turn the rhythm guitars down slightly during that section as the rhythm guitars sound more prominent. On melodies/solos I often find there are frequencies in the upper mid-range on the solo part which you can cut by a db or so to help it have it's own space.

The vocals are good and I'd be really interested to heard some backing vocals earlier in the track. The vocals were mixed nicely, the reverb applied sounded great.

The overall drum and bass sound was good although the crash cymbals around 1:18 sounded a little whooshy/metallic and rang into each other, cutting around 3000hz may help.

Great composition overall and really liked your rhythm guitar tone, keep them coming!

Thanks, Morphitis
Thanks man! Agree on the solo (about blending in a bit too much, also the tone is not that great either - will use my dear 5150 instead). Crashes are perhaps a bit too prominent, levels should be a tad lower. Will experiment with that and/or taking out some high frequencies.
Again, many thanks for listening and commenting - feedback is needed to improve!