How am I supposed to answer that without leaving this page?
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If KFC is finger-licking good, then people would probably suck dicks for Popeyes. That's how good it is.

There's nothing left here to be saved
Just barreling dogs and barking trains
Another year lost to the blue line
I'm not telling you D:<
It's over simplified, So what!

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I'm going to be on top of what is called a knob
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Big ones can be fun in some ways but generally, they are a pain in the ass.
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I don't know what is going on in this thread or why I have an erection.
I was watching a Mega-Scizor sweep
You hit 'em and they get back up
I hit 'em and they stay down
- Frank Castle
Almost nothing because for whatever reason, all new videos on youtube, for me at least, wont buffer above 240p.

So to ignore that, I just watched this:


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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american
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Dude Linkerman you like Ash Is A Robot? That band rules

Yes I do, and yes it does.

I have tickets to see them later this month, on the 28th, with Bury Tomorrow (and 3 more bands that I don't like).

I'm looking forward to it, it's my first time seeing Ash Is A Robot live, and the second time seeing Bury Tomorrow. I didn't know Bury Tomorrow, but I've seen them earlier this year opening for More Than A Thousand and absolutely loved it, now I'm a huge fan of theirs.
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