Hey everyone,

Has anyone ever put a Pickguard on their Epiphone LP 1960s Tribute Plus?

I'd like to get that done, but I'm not sure which kind of Pickguard would fit it.

Yes, I am aware I could research this stuff and measure and email tons of people.
But I figure there might just be someone on this board who's done it themselves and can tell me which one they used.
I did. See it in this pic (on the end to the right). That's my 1960 Tribute Plus with a standard cream pick guard.
epi 4.jpg
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Any Epiphone dealer can order you an aftermarket one that will fit.
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Yes. I bought mine on Ebay. You just have to make sure it's a thicker piece of plastic (ply). They sell ones for about $5.00 that look good in the picture but are really cheap and thin. I think mine was about $15.00 with the mounting bracket and screws. Like Rob said any Guitar Center or decent music stores or go to the link below.