Hey, I'm thinking of getting my first pair of studio monitors, will be using them to mix metal as well as general listening and gaming, and am looking for recommendations. Budget is up to £300 for the pair.
Some things i've found to be within that price range are the adam a3x, krk rp5/6 and yamaha hs5, though any other reccomendations are welcome.
I will probably end up going to red dog or some other music shop to have a listen, so if there is anything specific i should look out for, would be nice to know.
Also, I live in london if that's helpful info. Thanks
I've only personally heard KRKs and they sound amazing.

Adam seems premium, but I've never seen anyone actually own them as much as I do KRKs.

You'll also need something to hook them to your pc, I gave my friend a mix board so he could hook up his KRK rokits to his laptop