I have a Mesa boogie subway rocket amp. It plays great but I have a problem where, when I plug my headphones in, it plays through both the amp and the headphones. How do I make it so it only plays through the 'phones?!
I don't really know for sure, but I'm gonna go and throw this idea - leave the amp on standby.

Also you asked this in the quick questions thread 5 minutes before posting this.
Wait for an answer there next time, no need to ask the same thing in two different places.
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I'll try that thanks. Also yeah I posted it in quick questions first then saw that the last post there was from a while ago so thought the thread might have died a bit. Sorry! I'm pretty new lol
I don't know the amp, but it's possible that the headphone signal comes out before the master volume. A lot of tube amps work like that, if they bother having a headphone output, since the master volume controls the power amp, which you wouldn't want driving headphones. Plug in your headphones and then turn down your master knob. You may find it has no effect on the headphone volume level, and only the gain seems to work. If that's the case, just turn the master all the way down and boom. No signal to the speakers.
keep in mind the amp always needs to have a load.
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