Greetings everybody!

I recently purchased a Boss ME-80 mutli-fx processor and I've been wondering how can I record myself playing the guitar while using this pedal. I'm aiming for recording directly into my PC's sound card, since I recently moved into an area with a lot of traffic and putting a mic in front of the amp is no longer an option.

I've had previous experience with Guitar Rig 4, but was tremendously disappointed by the quality of the sound it produces. Therefore I just want to record the sounds I can produce with my pedal and not have to tamper with the software's effects.

Is this possible with Guitar Rig 4? Is it possible using some other software of that nature? Is it possible to do this with just Audacity and just skip the guitar software?

Frankly I must say I feel kinda lost, because when I tried recording with my previous setup (which included mics straight to the sound card), the mic picked up all the little background noises which while they don't ruin the whole recording, are noticeable with some high-end speakers.

I hope I made myself understood and didn't make anybody mad by my lack of knowledge. Thanks in advance!
You should be able to just use the usb port in the back of the pedal to plug stright to your computer, it looks like your pedal has amp modeling as well so there is no need to go through guitar rig, this will actually sound like running an amp through an amp which would sound shitty unless your pedal has an amp model bypass.

So just plug it into your computer and see if it comes up as an interface in audacity, if not you may have to download the appropriate drivers from the manufacturers website.
Sometimes I wonder how stupid I am. Thanks for the swift reply crabrangoon, the ME-80 does have a USB port! The mods can go ahead and lock this thread.