Absolutely great cover!
The organ is brilliant!
Max, would you be interested in singing on one of my original songs? If so, private message me and we'll discuss things from there.
This is cool! So did you just track everything and then make a sort of "Music video"? Everything was sang down the octave, which is a bit of a bummer, but it sounded pleasant and thats better than trying to sing it high and failing.
Some weird notes going on in that guitar solo, sounds like he could benefit from slowing down and playing more melodically
Over all enjoyed the video and appreciate the higher quality recording! Makes it much easier to enjoy
Thanks for your comments !

Yes wes recorded the track first and then we made a music video !

And of course I sang the song one octave down because it would have been ridiculous if I sang it like Brian Johnson ! I just can't sing like this, he's got an incredible voice!

Finally, my friend playing the guitar just bought his new Ibanez....So I think that's why he's playing some "shred"....He's having fun !